Senior Backend Developer

We are looking for a full-time senior Golang developer that can help us to improve and extend our data processing backend and make it easy for organizations to protect their sensitive data. You will work in a small, highly skilled team and own the backend code base. You will help us to develop new features, continuously improve scalability and efficiency and prepare the open-source release of the core functionality.


  • You are familar with Golang and core tooling (e.g. modules, plugins)
  • Your are able to write efficient, secure and readable code
  • You have basic knowledge of data processing
  • You have basic knowledge of cryptographic methods (e.g. hashing, encryption)
  • You are familiar with REST APIs and Golang's HTTP libraries
  • You have a good understanding of Golang interfaces and how to use them to create reusable, modular code
  • You have experience writing good unit and integration tests as well as clear documentation

Your benefits

  • Build and publish open-source code with us
  • Present your work at international conferences and workshops
  • Be part of our mission to make software more secure by helping organizations to develop discreet & secure systems using our technologies
  • Develop your own ideas and have the freedom to implement them
  • Learn about data security and data protection in an interdisciplinary team

Our current setup

  • Our Golang 1.11 code base provides a data processing library and our core services, the KIProtect API and our data processing infrastructure. It offers functionality to transform data streams using privacy-enhancing techniques such as pseudonymization and anonymization
  • We use dependency management and versioning based on Golang modules
  • We have extensive unit and integration tests over our entire codebase
  • We use a modular system architecture with interchangeable parts based on clean interfaces
  • We use continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) via Gitlab to test and deliver new features on a daily basis
  • We use a Jira-based agile workflow with as little overhead as possible

General information about us

You will work in a small, highly skilled team from our modern offices in Charlottenburg. We try to provide a great work environemnt for you with modern, ergonomic chairs & (standing-)tables in small offices (at most 4 people per office) to allow for focused and stress-free work. We offer 28 days of paid vacation time and provide a budget for training and conference visits. You will be able to blog about your work and present it to the world and you will publish open-source software with us. We allow working partially from home/remotely and offer flexible work hours (within limits).

Are you interested in this position? Get in touch with us! Please write a bit about yourself and why you're interested in working with us and include relevant links (e.g. containing information about your work or recent projects -- no problem though if you can't share anything) and a short CV.

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