Senior Frontend Developer

We are looking for a full-time senior developer that can help us to improve and extend our web-based frontend application and make it easy for organizations to protect their sensitive data. You will work in a small, highly skilled team and own the frontend code base. This job brings both great power and freedom but also great responsibility, as you will be in charge of our frontend.


  • Familar with CSS3/HTML5
  • Ability to implement Sketch/Photoshop-based designs as responsive web pages
  • Knowledge of Javascript (ES6) and React.js
  • Familiarity with build tools for frontend development (webpack, npm)
  • Knowledge of relevant state management paradigms (MVC, Flux/Redux)
  • Ability to understand and solve problems with JS in a pragmatic way
  • Basic understanding of web security concepts (CORS, XSS, token-based authentication)
  • Basic understanding of backend API architectures (REST)
  • Ability to efficiently communicate and work with our UI designer and backend team

For us

  • Frontend and design is just as important as the rest of our infrastructure
  • Code quality, simplicity and maintainability matters

Your benefits

  • Work on a highly innovative software system that helps companies to secure their data
  • Develop your own ideas and have the freedom to implement them
  • Learn about data security and data protection in an interdisciplinary team

Our current setup

  • Frontend based on React.js and Webpack (ES6 transpiled via Babel.js)
  • (S)CSS-based styling (integrated via Webpack) - but we're evaluating styled components
  • We maintain a web as well a desktop target (based on Electron.js)
  • We use a simple state management and routing layer (based on higher-order components and the Flux paradigm)
  • We use continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (Gitlab) to test and deliver new features and we try to publish changes as often as possible (even multiple times a day).
  • We support rapid prototyping via a mocked API layer (e.g. development without running any backend services is possible so you can be productive without setting up many backend dependencies)
  • We employ a microservice-like architecture with several public APIs (authentication and data transformation) that provide the data for our frontend using a REST-based approach.

General information about us

You will work in a small, highly skilled team from our modern offices in Charlottenburg. We try to provide a great work environemnt for you with modern, ergonomic chairs & (standing-)tables in small offices (at most 4 people per office) to allow for focused and stress-free work. We offer 28 days of paid vacation time and provide a budget for training and conference visits. You will be able to blog about your work and present it to the world and you will publish open-source software with us. We allow working partially from home/remotely and offer flexible work hours (within limits).

Are you interested in this position? Get in touch with us! Please write a bit about yourself and why you're interested in working with us and include relevant links (e.g. containing information about your work or recent projects -- no problem though if you can't share anything) and a short CV.

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