Social Media Marketing Internship

Want to intern at a data privacy and security startup focused on making privacy easier to implement for everyone? At KIProtect, our goal is to democratize privacy by developing new methods for data encryption which enable teams to do privacy-aware data science and AI. Our small but passionate Berlin-based team has won awards and international recognition in data security and AI.

As a member of our team, you will contribute to our Marketing efforts. You should have knowledge of social media and online marketing basics (including SEO, content creation and inbound marketing best practices). You hopefully also have new ideas in inspiration which you would like to test as part of our marketing development.

About the role

  • Generate new content for inbound marketing
  • Test new social media strategies for engagement
  • Analyze online engagement and direct contact metrics
  • Develop, test and report on at least two social media multi-channel campaigns in German and English
  • Discover and engage with other organizations for PR partnership outreach (email and phone)

About your skills

  • You are native-speaker-level fluent in German (spoken and written)
  • You are conversationally fluent in English
  • You are adept at social media marketing and how to measure social media engagement
  • You enjoy creating new content and can do so within a few hours given time to research and write
  • You have new ideas about how to engage online and want to research, develop and test social media campaigns
  • You are independent and driven; able to work without continuous oversight and define achievable goals for your work
  • You know how to analyze metrics and determine whether a marketing effort was successful

At KIProtect, we are

  • A diverse team with a focus on creating an ethical company
  • Passionate about privacy
  • Committed to flexible working hours
  • Based near TU-Berlin in Charlottenburg
  • Open to new ideas and innovative suggestions from all members of our team
  • Looking forward to hearing from you ;)

General information about us

You will work in a small, highly skilled team from our modern offices in Charlottenburg. We try to provide a great work environemnt for you with modern, ergonomic chairs & (standing-)tables in small offices (at most 4 people per office) to allow for focused and stress-free work. We offer 28 days of paid vacation time and provide a budget for training and conference visits. You will be able to blog about your work and present it to the world and you will publish open-source software with us. We allow working partially from home/remotely and offer flexible work hours (within limits).

Are you interested in this position? Get in touch with us! Please write a bit about yourself and why you're interested in working with us and include relevant links (e.g. containing information about your work or recent projects -- no problem though if you can't share anything) and a short CV.

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