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Klaro is a privacy & security tool that helps you to keep your websites (and soon apps & IoT devices) secure and compliant. It offers consent management, data protection and continuous security auditing.

This section guides you through the process of setting up Klaro for your website or app. Go here first to get started.

This section describes Klaro's client-side API. If you want to integrate Klaro with your frontend you will find the necessary information here.

This section describes Klaro's REST API. If you want to send data to the Klaro backend service or interact with it programmatically you will find the necessary information here.


Kodex is a privacy & security engineering tool that helps you to model and understand data flows in your organization and use privacy-enhancing transformations (PETs) to secure your data.


The command line utility is the easiest way to get started analyzing and transforming data with Kodex.

Blueprints are the configuration files that specify how Kodex should load, analyze, transform and write data.

Actions perform specific operations on input items, e.g. to analyze or transform them. Everything that Kodex does with data is described by an action.