High Data Utility

Our pseudonymization process retains as much data utility as possible, making the protected data easy to work with in your existing data science systems and tools. Our structured pseudonymization process maintains hierarchical relationships, so your data science can be successful and secure.

Security & Privacy

Does working with sensitive raw data keep your team prohibited in using the cloud or other technologies? Our pseudonymized data is secure and privacy-preserving, so you can try new software and systems without exposing your customers to privacy and security risks.

Drop-in Replacement

Our format-preserving pseudonymization means you can use the pseudonymized data as a drop-in replacement, even with strictly-defined schemas. Continue your data science work without having to worry about privacy and security issues in your datasets.

Why Pseudonymization?

Pseudonymization is a nice balance between the data-driven business needs of teams today and the security required for managing sensitive data. Unlike some methods, our pseudonymization process works with a crytographic key; giving you the ability and control to determine who should have access to the raw data values.

Structured Pseudonymization

Structured pseudonymization is a novel method for preserving high data utility while still maintaining privacy and security for your data. This process can retain relative and hierarchical values within the data and keep the same data format (i.e. an IP address is always returned as another IP address), so you can continue using the protected data.

Real-time Stream Pseudonymization

The future of data science is real-time streaming -- so we built our API with that in mind. You can immediately integrate with systems like Apache Kafka and Google Firebase and get your secured data delivered in real-time to make critical business deciisions faster.

Secure Depseudonymization

Our depseudonymization process requires access to the API and the cryptographic key; so there is no single point-of-failure. Control which users have access to keys and pseudonymized data using our role-based access control.

Secure Machine Learning

Perform secure machine learning on protected data, so you can rest assured that no private information is leaked into your model and made available to anyone who uses your API. Safely upload your datasets to use machine-learning as a Service by only uploading the pseudonymized data.

Privacy-preserving Data Science

Protect the privacy of your customer data by first pseudonymizing sensitive values. Our pseudonymization process retains high data utility, so you can focus on data science and machine learning and ensure you are protecting your most valuable asset: your data.


For privacy regulations like HIPAA and GDPR, pseudonymization allows for greater use of the data and ensures privacy-by-design principles. Make your data pipeline compliant by pseudonymizing the data before it enters your data processing system.

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