Beta API - Privacy And Data Protection Policy

The protection of your data is of paramount importance to us. In the following sections we explain the measures that we take to protect your data when you use our API and app.

Data Controller

The data controller is the kj7s GbR (kjamistan and 7scientists GbR). Detailed contact information is available in our imprint.

Purpose of Processing

We process personal data in our service to ensure the integrity, security and reliability of the service, to collect anonymous usage statistics and to send you service-related information via the e-mail you provided. We also process information that you submit via the API to transform it according to your specification.

Data Storage and Retention

We do not persisently store any of the data that you send us for processing and it immediately after processing it. We do not retain any records of the data beyond aggregate statistical information such as the total volume and frequency of data items that you submitted over a given period of time, which we need for rate limiting and billing purposes.

Server Location

Our service is hosted on servers in the European Union (EU). The software packages on our servers are updated regularly, accesses to the server as well as configuration changes are monitored and regularly reviewed.

Anonymized Logs

We keep logs of all requests to our service in order to ensure its stability, integrity and security. We do not purposely personally identifiable information in logfiles and do not retain logs files longer than necessary for identifying and analyzing incidents.

Third Party Resources

Our web application does not use any non-embedded third-party resources.

Content-Delivery and DDoS Protection

We use Cloudflare as a DNS and content delivery provider. This helps us among other things to protect our IT infrastructure from attacks and infiltration by masking our servers IP addresses. You can visit the Cloudflare website to learn about their security and privacy policies. Cloudflare might use non-optional Cookies for caching and security reasons and might also perform CAPTCHA-based user authentication. These cookies are essential to ensure the security and performance of our website and are not used for any other purpose beyond that.

Your Contact Data

When you sign up for our service with your e-mail address we will use that address only to send you relevant information about the service and your account.


Our web service currently does not use any cookies. When you log in we store an access token in the session store your browser. In the future, we might use a secure HTTP-only cookie for storing your access token and a client-accessible cookie for storing a CSRF token, which helps us to prevent cross-site request forgery and cross-site scripting.

Your Rights

You have the following rights regarding your personal data that we process:

  • Access, rectification and erasure of the data.
  • Restriction of the processing of the data.
  • Objecting to the processing of the data.
  • Lodging a complaint with a supervisory authority.