KIProtect API - Terms of Usage

Our API is currently "invitation only", and as we expand our functionality and infrastructure, we will also update these terms. Currently, our API has a small footprint, so we put forward the following terms of usage, which together with our privacy policy govern the usage of our service.


KIProtect is not legally liable for your usage of our free public API. We ask that you use this API for legitimate personal or business purposes. We retain the right to revoke your account if we find you have used our API for other purposes.

Intellectual Property

KIProtect retains all rights to the API. Reselling or white labeling of the API without our express consent is prohibited.

Usage & Availability Disclaimer

KIProtect API is provided "as is". There are currently no guarantees of expected behavior or endpoint / uptime availability.

Your use of the API is at your own risk and KIProtect will not be liable for your API usage or harm from your usage. You agree to use the API at your own discretion and hold KIProtect as a company and team harmless from all liability or costs arising out of your use of the API.