Secure Network Customer Support

Network data contains many personally identifiable attributes and proprietary business details. With IPProtect, you can safely use your network data without exposing this private information -- allowing you to better share and utilize your data while decreasing security risks.

Secure Network Flow Data

IPProtect already speaks your language -- with our API you can read, analyze and protect PCAP files and Netflow data in a secure way. Our method has been tested at secure German networks for privacy-preserving machine learning on network flow data.

Privacy-Preserving Incident Resolution

Need to share network data in a secure way to resolve network incidents? Our API allows you to quickly anonymize or pseudonymize PCAP files and share them with other ISPs -- speeding up your incident resolution time and providing security for your proprietary data.

Compliant Customer Support

Need to allow for GDPR-compliance in your customer support? Our API gives you control over who can see the private information and allows you to securely collect network data from your customer.

Automatic Compliance

Our solution provides privacy-by-design GDPR compliance and our pseudonymization process enables privacy guarantees for your network data, allowing you increased rights to store and utilize the data.

Role-Based Access Control for Customer Service

Empower customer service teams while protecting your customer data. Via our role-based access control for your data streams, you can fine-tune access to the protected and raw data.

Easy Integration and Web Tools

Monitor your network securely in real-time using our integration libaries and APIs. No engineering team? We also provide an easy-to-use web tool which allows you to upload and download protected PCAP and Netflow data files.

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