The security layer for data science and AI

KI Protect provides real-time protection for your data infrastructure: We secure your data at the entrypoint of your analytics and AI pipeline, making it easy for you to maintain security throughout the entire data lifecycle.

The Problem

As applications move towards real-time decision making, companies are ill-prepared to address the ensuing security and privacy concerns. Current solutions for data security are built for traditional data management technologies such as relational databases and Hadoop. For the new generation of data processing technologies we also need new ways to ensure privacy and security.

The Solution

KI Protect is the foundation for secure and privacy-preserving data science and AI: We manage data security and privacy from the entrypoint of your processing pipeline over the entire lifecycle of your data. We secure the data using state-of-the-art pseudonymization, anonymization and encryption techniques and continuously scan your processing pipeline for security and privacy issues.

The Benefits

KI Protect enables you to maintain your current data workflow while ensuring compliance with privacy regulations such as the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We provide the security layer for your high-performance streaming and real-time applications – empowering you to build next-generation IoT and AI solutions.

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